Tane wo Maku Tori (WonderSwan) — manual in English


  • Y1 and Y3 — Move your column selection left and right, respectively
  • Y2 and Y4 — Move the bars in the selected column up and down, respectively
  • X3 — Will accelerate the water droplets while pressed

Basic rules

Screen layout

  1. スコア (current score)
  2. T (remaining time
  3. Water drops, which you are trying to direct to the seed
  4. Later levels have hazards including these bugs that will try to eat the flowers
  5. The column you’ve currently selected is shaded darker
  6. The seeds that you are trying to grow into huge flowers

Clearing a stage

Game over

Basic techniques

Water characteristics

Combined waterdrops

Insect behaviour

Special techniques



Serial attack

Pick up






Science, games, LGBTQIA, feminism, neurodiversity etc.

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Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer Harrison

Science, games, LGBTQIA, feminism, neurodiversity etc.

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