Rhyme Rider Kerorikan (WonderSwan) — Manual in English

Rhyme Rider Kerorikan (ライムライダー・ケロリカン), a rhythm game for the Bandai WonderSwan, was developed by NanaOn-Sha around the time they were releasing PaRappa the Rapper and Vib-Ribbon. It’s stylish, quirky, fun, but also surprisingly difficult. The game is frequently recommended to English-speakers getting into WonderSwan games since it doesn’t have much in-game text compared to RPGs like Final Fantasy or Romancing Saga. However, you need to understand the manual in order to know the button combinations to use in-game.

Rhyme Rider Kerorikan doesn’t come with a traditional game manual. Instead there are various cards included in the box that explain different features or the buttons used to avoid in-game obstacles. I’ll translate anything you need to know in order to play, such as what the in-game screen looks like, what the different modes are, and how to play.


If you don’t press anything on the main menu, a demo will begin playing. Navigate the menu using the Y buttons for movement (Y1 or Y2 moves up, Y3 or Y4 moves down). Use A to select items and B to cancel or return.

There are two options on the main menu: スタート (start playing), and あそびかた (how to play). You can watch the demonstration that appears when you select “how to play” but it’s in Japanese so you’re probably better using this manual.

When you select “Start”, you will see the following options:

Stage Select. Choose this to begin playing the game. At first you can only select Stage 1.

High Scores. See your high scores from stage 1–4.

Options. Choose this to delete all records from the game (the option that says “RAM”), or change the controls to one-button mode (ワンボタン).

When choosing to play you will see the stages clearly numbered 1–4. Select one and a short sequence will play describing the upcoming obstacles and some light story elements. Just press A until the stage begins!


Robot armadillo: press the A or B button
Daifuku burger: press any X button
Triangular gymnasts: press any Y button
Kamameshi: press any Y button AND either A or B
Orca: press any X button AND either A or B
Shampoo Bomb: press any Y button AND any X button

Screen layout

In the bottom corner there’s your score in red and a bar showing your remaining time (it’s game over when the bar is emptied). You lose time when you mess up but you can gain time by catching candy as it whizzes by. Press any button (A, B, X or Y) to catch a candy and boost your remaining time.

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